Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wondering why a city council candidate would spent money for her own campaign for a job that pays peanuts...

So I am sitting in one of my regional offices at Indigo Joes, drinking Coke and eating chips and salsa, when Weston Martinez, a candidate for my city council district comes by my table.  His opponent, Elisa Chan, had captured my interest with her billboard signs on 1604 and 281.

First, a city council job pays peanuts to those fortunate enough to serve, so I was curious about how she funded those billboards.   Depending on the location, billboards can be costly.
Ms. Chan is the president of Unintech Consulting Engineers, a north San Antonio engineering consulting company.   In the last city bond package, her firm was awarded over $20 million in projects.
While I don't have access to her campaign statement, it seems that Chan funded her campaign with $50,000 of her own money.  Thus, the expensive billboards.
I am looking for a YouTube video of Ms. Chan's comments that if elected that she doesn't see a conflict of interest with her city contracts and her possible position as my city council person.     Louis Rowe, the current city councilman for my district, was upfront about his city connections when he assumed the rest of Kevin Wolff's term for city council.   As his wife's firm  has contracts with the city, he has recused himself from votes that would benefit her company.
Here's hoping the mainstream media will pick up on this.   They should be asking her about how she would vote on things that would impact her company's work on bridges and other city infrastructure.  As one of the active participants in the San Antonio twitterverse and blogosphere, I hope that others in District 9 would want to get an honest answer on this issue.

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