Sunday, March 29, 2009

If you put something into the blogosphere or Twitterverse, don't get upset if the media uses it.......

Mark Cuban is upset, and I don't blame him.

And, Air Force Captain Michael Fontana should be ticked off as well.

Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is upset because the media picked up his comments about  an NBA game.

In his blog, Cuban wrote:  "I tweeted to the people who follow me. While I never asked that they not distribute it to other tweeters, i did not give anyone permission to republish my tweets in a commercial newspaper, magazine or website."

Fontana, featured in today's front page story  of the San Antonio Express-News "Nurse's job at Wilford Hall decried" should also be unhappy because reporter Scott Huddleston went to his Facebook page to get some background on him.  Fontana, the Air Force nurse who is awaiting a court martial for murder at Wilford Hall Medical Center, declined Huddleston's request for an interview.  So, Huddleston went to his web site to get some color to his story.

As a longtime communications professional and a social media advocate, I think everyone who has a Facebook page or uses Twitter should know that once they  put something into a public space that it's open to every reporter in the free world.   If you don't want people to use it in a newspaper article or some other blog, you should not put them out into the blogosphere or what some social media types call "Twitterverse."

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