Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's bad enough that a thief broke into my car but waiting for USAA claims was truly frustrating

I feel violated.

After a long meeting with some colleagues, I went out to my car to find my right passenger window broken and my laptop stolen.

It's frustrating enough to becoming a victim, but the process to report my claim to USAA was terrible, ridiculous and just plain frustrating.

When it's 80 degrees out and you're looking at your car with a broken window, waiting to get to a competent claims rep should not requires four to five minutes of phone prompts.   I wish that USAA management would adopt a direct claims hotline where people who have had their car broken into or a serious accident could not have to go through the frustration of "Are you calling about a credit card?" or "Can we get your member number?"

And, once they fix the phone system by providing a hotline for people who have claims, I have another suggestion. Please fix the reporting system when you go to an affiliate like your glass partners.   Why is it that when USAA customers complete the verificiation with a claims adjustor that they then have to go through the whole spiel with one of their vendors?

Having worked with some of the computer integration experts at USAA, I know there could be a way where a customer could be transferred to a roadside assistance or a glass adjustor without having to give the rep on the phone a policy number, address and phone number.  

If you are a USAA member who has had a claim experience like this, please send your comments to their management.   I am going to send this blog via email and to a couple of friends in the company.  Perhaps, USAA senior management will change their processes.  Yet, I believe that the management efficiency experts will convince their senior leadership to keep things the way they are because it saves money and manpower. 

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