Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Awaiting the start of March Madness

If you are a basketball fan, the first week of the NCAA Men's Basketball tourney is like nirvana.  It's the time of year when USA or TBS will show at least five showings of Hoosiers for those of us hoop fans who have worn out our favorite movie.  Yes, I cry when Gene Hackman wins the state tourney, but hey I grew up in Illinois, where the high school basketball tourney was an annual rite of passage for people.  When the state tourney began, people in my hometown of Decatur knew spring was not far away.

So, the NCAA has replaced the Illinois High School Association's annual tourney as a way to celebrate basketball and await spring.   What makes the first round so appealing is that there will be some upsetsthis week.  his is the opportunity for North Dakota State and the University of Northern Iowa to show that they belong with the Kansas and Louisville basketball programs. 

My wife, who spent her formative years in Florida, where basketball is behind football, baseball and golf, doesn't get the tourney.  Nor will she ever get it.  I've tried to show her Hoosiers, but she's not into the movie or the game.

It's her loss.  I love the game, and I adore the fact that there is some small school who will show up one of the power houses in the first round.  So, if you are trying to reach me, please understand if you hear the game on in the background.  I love the NCAA first round, and I will do everything I can to watch as much of it as possible, in between the five minutes of commercials and breakaways to other games.

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