Thursday, March 25, 2010

Social media efforts need integration with traditional marketing efforts

As more and more of us add social media tools to our communications efforts, it's important that we look at ways to integrate them into more traditional forms of marketing.
For example, a client of mine is running for a judicial position. I began to work with her after she had ordered her signs. Had we started our efforts earlier, she could have added her Twitter campaign site to her signage. I believe that if we had added this to her signs, she could have increased her base of followers.
Another easy update is to add your Twitter profile to your business cards.When I updated my cards last year, I added the @Matt_scherer below my email and phone information I believe that adding the Twitter profile has increased my exposure among business associates. More importantly, it made some traditional business types think about adding Twitter to their communication mix.
Just as important as updating your business cards is adding key social media data below your name on your email signature. If you get an email from me, my signature includes name, phone, email, Twitter profile, the link to my Express-News blog and my Linked-In profile.
There are more ways to integrate your social media tools into traditional advertising and communication platforms. A savvy social media professional can help your business and organization integrate them into your communication efforts. So, please call them to have them work with you on your integration efforts to add your new tools into processes that get full exposure.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Why San Antonio needs more Internet fiber in its diet

When Google offered to install a test version of its new high speed fiber network for a town of 50,000 to half a million residents, Don Ness, the mayor of Duluth, took a winter dip in Lake Superior in the middle of February to garner publicity for his city's effort to get the quicker network. Meanwhile, Rancho Cucamonga offered to change the second part of its name by calling themselves Rancho Googlemonga.
You can't fault these and other mayors for trying to get this test project. Having the higher speeds within their civic borders will attract future business, most notably in animation services and other multimedia outlets.
Because of our size, San Antonio can't qualify for this Internet bakeoff. Yet, as the opportunity for a larger beta project from Google arises, I wonder what our civic leadership is doing to embrace these types of efforts.
Our city has done a great job with attracting computer security organizations, most notably the 24th Air Force and expanded NSA operations. Yet, we need to diversify our technical efforts so that when opportunities like Google arises that we have the components to make it happen.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alvarado deserves your vote for 285th District Court

        Until this year, I had never been actively involved in the campaign of someone seeking office.  However, when I met Rosie  Alvarado last year, I met someone who made me want to get involved.
        Alvarado is seeking office as the judge for the 285 District Court.  She is one of four running for office.
        Of the four running for this position, Alvarado is the youngest candidate at 33.  Some have questioned her age and experience.
         However, she has gotten the endorsement of San Antonio Express-News and Leticia Van De Putte for her campaign.
         Alvarado truly impresses me with her leadership and her vision.  She's been involved in some major cases in Bexar County, and she will represent our community on the bench.  If you are voting at lunch or after work today, she clearly deserves your vote.