Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dealing with the spammers who find my number on a news release

As I was busy working on a project for a client this morning, I got two phone calls from phone spammers.  One was the classic visit "Vegas" telephone pitch; the second was someone with a British guy who saw my name at the end of a Business Wire News Release.  

I asked him if he was looking to hire me, and he told me that he had gotten my name from a release for one of my clients.   He added that he had the "investment of a lifetime."

In the future, I am going to change one of the numerical numbers in my phone number to an ordinal version.   I will probably use something like 222-323-652(zero) to see if that throws them off.   

I am wondering if other publicists are having the same issue as I am............

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Missing in action -- the invitation for the SATAI award banquet

Somehow, I missed out the announcement that the San Antonio Technology Accelerator Initiative was holding its 2008 Stars of Innovation banquet April 4. And, that's a shame. If the San Antonio technology community needs leadership, it needs an organization like SATAI to help with the process. Of course, as I was returning from the ISC West trade show, I couldn't make the event, but it would be have been nice to know who the winners were before picking up my San Antonio Business Journal yesterday.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heading to Las Vegas, sprained ankle and all

I am heading off to Las Vegas for the ISC West trade show even though I have what the doctors at Brooke Army Medical Center call a "high sprain." My wife, Jackie, packed my travel bag, and I am traveling somewhat light for this 3-day event.

As soon as I can reach the folks at Tricare in Nevada, I am going to arrange for one of those electrocarts to use at the trade show. I am going to ask my associate, Athena, to see if she can find a combination fog/bicycle horn for my trip, as I know that I could run over a lot of folks especially ones traveling through the casino.

It's been my experience that the casino patrons are a lot like lemmings. The bright light and the bells causes them to stop walking, oblivious to those behind them.

An April Fools post and salute to the king of PR bloggers

With April Fools Day, I thought it was appropriate that I write this "story" in honor of Alan Weinkrantz, the maestro of public relations blogging:

Weinkrantz to forgo technical public relations to pursue music career as lead for group "Blogoshere"
SAN ANTONIO – After getting his picture on the "cover of the Rolling Stone" for his debut album, Alan Weinkrantz, the lead singer, drummer and guitarist for Blogosphere will leave his technical public relations practice.

The San Antonio rocker first hit from his debut album was a remix of the Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show song "On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone."

"I love Shel Silverstein's tune because it was the mantra I have been practicing for all my years with my technology clients," said Weinkrantz.

Prior to establishing his public relations firm, Weinkrantz auditioned as a drummer for the heavy metal group "Spinal Tap" in the late 70s. "Considering the track record of the drummers who played with this group, it was a prudent decision to pursue the public relations endeavor," said Weinkrantz.