Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heading to Las Vegas, sprained ankle and all

I am heading off to Las Vegas for the ISC West trade show even though I have what the doctors at Brooke Army Medical Center call a "high sprain." My wife, Jackie, packed my travel bag, and I am traveling somewhat light for this 3-day event.

As soon as I can reach the folks at Tricare in Nevada, I am going to arrange for one of those electrocarts to use at the trade show. I am going to ask my associate, Athena, to see if she can find a combination fog/bicycle horn for my trip, as I know that I could run over a lot of folks especially ones traveling through the casino.

It's been my experience that the casino patrons are a lot like lemmings. The bright light and the bells causes them to stop walking, oblivious to those behind them.


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