Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alvarado deserves your vote for 285th District Court

        Until this year, I had never been actively involved in the campaign of someone seeking office.  However, when I met Rosie  Alvarado last year, I met someone who made me want to get involved.
        Alvarado is seeking office as the judge for the 285 District Court.  She is one of four running for office.
        Of the four running for this position, Alvarado is the youngest candidate at 33.  Some have questioned her age and experience.
         However, she has gotten the endorsement of San Antonio Express-News and Leticia Van De Putte for her campaign.
         Alvarado truly impresses me with her leadership and her vision.  She's been involved in some major cases in Bexar County, and she will represent our community on the bench.  If you are voting at lunch or after work today, she clearly deserves your vote.

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