Saturday, March 7, 2009

Innotech San Antonio grows in its second year

    If you were one of the nearly 1000 people who came to Innotech San Antonio Thursday, did you feel the buzz of people working together to foster future partnerships in the Austantonio (San Antonio-Austin tech corridor)?
    As the publicist for this event, I saw a true upswing of activities in this event. First, thanks to Greg Lawler, the chairman of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Technology Council, and Marcel Johnson, the executive from the chamber who works with this group, Innotech held its first Beta Summit. That event helped six companies get advice on venture capital and business development.
    Second, the event attracted the emerging medical technology sector. Thanks to David Jemeyson, the chief executive officer at xGates, and Diana Faulkner, Innotech held an impressive program on the growing development of medical innovation.
    And, it wasn't me who noted the upswing. On Friday, I took part in the advisory board meeting for the Austin Innotech, set for Oct. 29 at the Austin Convention Center. Several of the board members either had booths or attended the show. They too were impressed with the growth and the opportunity to connect to potential clients and partners.

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