Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How can you get your family and friends to stop spamming you?

Does your email spill over with junk and messages from well meaning friends and family?

Mine does.

My Uncle Bill sends me jokes instead of notes about what he's doing. My friend, Ray, the former ACTS director, sends me daily Scripture readings. And, there's my friend Jack, who also sends me his jokes.

I can't block my uncle's email because he sends that occaisional picture of my cousin and his daughters. Jack is also a client and mixed in with his jokes are real things that concern me. And, Ray? I like working with him on helping troubled kids find a new direction in life.

How can I ask them to stop spamming me with this stuff? Perhaps, this might work.

Dear @@@@,

Please respect my business email address. While I like humor and Scripture, I prefer to read this information in another email. Could you please send those to this email instead?

By the way, my alternative email begins with spamgorilla.

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