Friday, January 16, 2009

Spamming the globe with an unusual email

So, I am reading my email messages when I get this email from someone who met me at the Austin Innotech trade show.   To paraphrase my my favorite radio announcer, Casey Kasem, it read:

Allow me to the be the first person to welcome you to our family. I say that, because it's truly the way we feel. From your very first interaction with us, we want you to feel how valued and important you are. From the moment you choose our company to provide for your needs, you become like one of the family.

Now, here's the reason for blogging about it.  I am not his customer, and while I have clients who I come to become their "family," it took me a long time before both of us thought of us as "familia."

So, after writing a short, terse "what the heck" message to this person, I got an apology that said his Microsoft Outlook program had accidentally taken my email and wrote this email.  

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Matt Genovese said...

Is there a "mi case es su casa" plugin for Outlook? Yep, let's blame this on Microsoft...