Monday, January 19, 2009

Please Mr. President elect, don't give up your Blackberry!!

Should Barack Obama be forced to give up his Blackberry device? After listening to the experts speak on this topic on XM Radio's POTUS, I hope our 44th president doesn't pack it up after his inaguration tomorrow.  While I agree with the legal experts that everything that Mr. Obama textes on his phone is a matter of public record, I think that it's important that our president show to his electorate that he's reachable.  Granted, I doubt that he'll never send me his number or his email, but the symbology of it gives me confidence that Mr. Obama is listening to all of us.   Perhaps in time, Garry Trudeau will pick Obama's phone device as his comical icon like the waffle for Bill Clinton and the Roman helmet for George W. Bush.

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