Thursday, January 29, 2009

DCI is looking for input from clean technology firms in Texas

This morning, I am feeling a little like the San Antonio-Austin technical town crier or the cherubic guy from the HBO mini series "Rome" who is trying to get the word out about a new online forum for clean technology companies.

As a board member for the Digitial Convergence Initiative, it's my job to help promote and market our non-profit group's attempt to bring together technical resources. Josh Parker, a fellow board member, is collecting data to build an online model that would allow a business guy from San Antonio to find a "Ruby on Rails" programmer in Round Rock.

As Sloan Foster, the board president has said so often, "I much rather find the resource in Texas than have to go to California or other parts of the country to find them."  In just a few weeks, the DCI will officially announce the online platform that will help connect technology capabilities within the Lone Star Republic.  However, before doing so, we need to add some more data to test our algorithm.

So, if you know of good central sources that list clean technology companies that are using smart irrigation, smart grids, clean manufacturing or environmentally friendly technologies, please reach out to Josh at his email listed below. With this added data, Josh hopes to build the online tech processes that will go live within 45 to 60 days.

(Note: To help Josh's email box not get those lovely spams from the bots who travel through the blogosphere to harvest his real email, I kind of encrypted it. You can reach him at jparker (at) reversalfilms (dot) commm. Subtract the last two letters and you have his real email.)

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