Thursday, January 29, 2009

Connecting in real time with one of my LinkedIn contacts

There's been a lot of talk about how some spammers are taking over LinkedIn to peddle their wares. And, I seen a lot of blogs and Twitter messages about how to screen out those folks who want to use this networking service to peddle financial services and the like.

However, meeting April de Leon-Galloway reaffirms my belief that adding people with similar interests can become rewarding. Yesterday, I met April at the San Antonio Innotech marketing meeting at the Norris Convention Center.

"So, you're Matt Scherer. When I heard that you were working as the public relations person for Innotech, I told your co-worker that I wanted to meet you in person!" she said.

Chuck Hester, a communications colleague, puts it into perspective in his latest post on his blog: "While I am fascinated by the number of connections I have developed over the last several years through LinkedIn, the ones that are the deepest, most meaningful seem to be the ones I’ve met in person."

I agree, Chuck. And, April, it was great to meet you in person.


Chuck Hester said...

Bravo Matt. Thanks for the shout out as well.

BTW, I look forward to meeting YOU in person some day soon.

Keep paying it forward!

Chuck Hester

April said...

Thanks Matt!!

It's good to know you're not just some psycho lurking around on LinkdIn.....or are you???


catchyalater. Let's meet up for lunch next time you're downtown.