Thursday, January 1, 2009

An open letter to Barack Obama

Dear President elect Barrack Obama,

My local newspaper had an editorial cartoon of you awaiting the new year with fear and trepidation.   

So, please Mr. President elect, please try to be upbeat and as charismatic as I believed you to be when I pulled the voting lever for you.

More importantly, try to motivate those who work for the government.  As a retired Air Force guy, I know many government types embrace the status quo and are afraid to shake things up.  With a nearly trillion investment in businesses, now is the time to figure out a way to motivate the government sector to truly change the way they do business.   

Here, sir, the ultimate motivation is not to send executive leadership  to conferences but truly create metrics to evaluate performance.  And, for those who truly perform above the requirements of their job, another "employee of the quarter" plaque is not the way to recognize them.  Instead, it's time to give those who do the job monetary bonuses that reflect the level of work performed.

In closing, Mr. President elect, please motivate those who work for you and help those of us in the private sector believe that things will change under your watch.

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