Monday, September 8, 2008

Why most people don't get LinkedIn

A lot of people get LinkedIn accounts because all that is required is access to the world wide web. Yet, their profile is clearly lacking. All that a lot of my friends and clients have is their current company and the years that they have been employed there.

By not taking the time to update their profile, they're missing out on opportunities. I use my LinkedIn profile as an alternative to a web site (mine is still under construction), and it works to help clients and friends understand what I do.

So, here are a couple of tips to make your LinkedIn profile better:

1) Write everything in the first person. Use "I" or "my company."
2) Think of the specialties as search engine terms. According to several LinkedIn development experts, this is what the spiders are looking for when they search for terms such as "crisis communications" or "video production," two of my terms in my profile.
3) Update the "What are you doing" section of your profile. If you are traveling to Atlanta or completing a blog, use this section.

I am currently updating a couple of my client's LinkedIn profiles as it will help them get found on the world wide web.

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