Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cub fans talk a great game, Cardinal fans get results

It's September, and the Chicago Cubs are in first place. My brother, the Cub fan, is calling me with updates, and my friend, Rick, the best man at my wedding, is riding high. And, suddenly the Cubbies have lost five games in a row. Now, there are reports that starter Carlos Zambrano and Rich Hardin may miss the rest of the year.

So, if both of these starters will miss the rest of the season, it's obvious that the Cubs' prospects aren't that good. I am thinking that this could be another classic year for the Cubs like 1969.

And, here's what I love about Cub fan. When it comes to enthusiasm, there is nobody that brings more of it. But, in business, it's also about delivering the goods. When you consider that my team, the St. Louis Cardinals have won 10 World Series since 1908, the last year the Cubbies won it, you can see why the smart business executive is pulling for Albert Pujols' team.


Chris_Scherer said...

You should be wearing a different hat on your blog. Maybe a cubs hat


Jack Walser said...

The Cubs have lost 5 in a row, but you are still 10 games back. Keep up the fair work!