Thursday, September 25, 2008

Planning on staying over in Houston? Hope you have a relative or a friend with an extra bed

I drove my son, Pete, back to college at Lamar after Hurricane Ike ripped through Houston. After a side trip for lunch with two clients, I got into Beaumont at 7:30 p.m. I thought that perhaps there was an extra hotel room somewhere in the facility. Everything from Beaumont (Exit 848) to Columbus (Exit 696) was booked. It was only after getting to Weimar (Exit 683) at 11 p.m. that I was able to stay at the Czech Inn, a modest but clean hotel. As Houston rebuilds, it's going to require either a long day on the road or holding off any trips until the repairs are completed.

And, I am not complaining about having to drive so far. There are 250,000 people without electricity and water. Thanks to some prayer and some Jimmy Buffet CDs, along with some baseball broadcasts on XM Radio kept me going.

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