Monday, September 22, 2008

Is there a technical revolution brewing in San Antonio?

A technical revolution is taking place in San Antonio. Yes, my adopted home town is starting to see the embracement of technology such as the announcement that Microsoft's $550 million data center going live today. In the San Antonio Express News article written by L.A. Lorek, she noted that there are six other data centers under development. Add the well known reputation of Rackspace in this industry, and San Antonio is quietly becoming a hub for this industry.

To me, it's easy to see why San Antonio is attracting Microsoft. We have reliable energy, a neccessary commodity for data centers. We have a cost of living where you can live well within a $200,000 mortgage. And, our colleges, most notably my alma mater, the University of Texas at San Antonio are producing quality graduates that can work well within many technology sectors. Finally, there are a lot of military retirees with impressive resumes in technical fields that are already hard at work within tech firms.

Despite these advantages, San Antonio can't rest on its laurels. It has to grow and nurture them.

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