Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fighting two disasters -- one natural and one physical

My wife told me about a woman who came to her choir practice in tears because she didn't have $7.45 to pay for a hotel room for her family. Displaced by Hurricane Ike, she's waiting for FEMA to provide assistance or perhaps she missed the newspaper article or the news on TV about the federal program.

Tragedy like this makes me wonder. We're going to give the banking industry and Wall Street $700 billion for their mistakes,and we don't have the bandwidth to help hard working people rebuild their homes and find their jobs.

Our priority is to help the folks in Houston and Galveston rebuild. Yes, I know what would happen if our banking industry would allegedly falter, but we have to put all of this into perspective. One of the greatest commodity we have as Americans is the ability to rebound from tragedy and devastation. Right now, our first task is to nourish and help those hit by Hurricane Ike.

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