Tuesday, April 28, 2009

David Rose, the patriarch of New York's Silicon Alley to speak at May 7 Funding Symposium

With drastic results in the stock market and our American economy, is there still venture capital to be found in central Texas? That's the focus of the Central Texas Funding Symposium May 7 at the Norris Conference Center.

Jason Myers, the director of the conference, and Hall Martin, executive director, Angel Entrepreneur Network, have programmed a conference with David Rose as the headline speaker. The buzz for Rose, chairman of the board for the New York Angels inc, from Red Herring magazine is significant as the tech magazine calls him: "a patriarch of New York's Silicon Alley."  On behalf of the New York Angels, Rose has helped 100s of tech startups find the early rounds of funding needed to develop their technologies.

However, Rose is not the only significant speaker at the conference. Myers and Martin have put together a heavy hitters list of speakers from Texas and other investor communities. Their purpose is to help the I-35 corridor to find the funding resources needed to help them build their companies

If you are one of many business entrepreneurs in central and south Texas, you don't want to miss this event. If you mention this blog, the $150 entrance fee is lowered to $105. When registering for this event, use the code "bd400" to get the discount.

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