Monday, April 20, 2009

San Antonio Business Journal article focuses on the need to promote emerging medical technology

Kudos to Donna Tuttle for her article in Friday's San Antonio Business Journal about the emerging medical technology.  

I especially like the way that Tuttle allowed the leaders in San Antonio to share their frustration with the process that governs economic development for their sector.  Noted Gabi Niederauer, the vice president for research and development of ENTrigue Surgical Inc in Tuttle's article:  “People overlook this sector and don’t realize what it takes to funnel and feed these companies because large sectors of the health care industry — hospitals, physicians and related services — are self sustaining. Everybody needs medical care from time to time."

In my last blog post for the San Antonio Express News, I noted how SATAI's executive leadership hasn't focused on development within this and other sectors.   Time after time, I meet technical entrepreneurs who want to live in San Antonio, but know they have to find their investment capital in Austin or Houston.

As their companies grow or expand, many are forced to relocate to other cities.   I am not picking SATAI as the whipping boy for this issue.  It's a bigger city-wide issue that starts with education and advocacy.  Thankfully, Tuttle's artcle will cause some people to talk some more about it.

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