Friday, April 24, 2009

The virtual ACTS retreat: the four saints guiding us

In just over an hour, our St. Rose of Lima ACTS retreat team guys picked the following saints as their role models:

St. John: The guy who wrote 3:16 and Jesus' favorite saint. He's the guy who Jesus asked to watch over his mother.

St. Paul: The great writer and one of the guys who truly preached the Gospel. For ACTS retreats, he's the inspiration that through faith you can change your life.

St. Joseph: One of my favorite saints. How can you not love a guy who adopts Jesus as his own son, when the compelling argument of the time was to stone his intended wife for adultry. Note: his feast day is the Italian Father Day observation.

St. Michael: The guardian angel who sent Lucifer packing. I was truly moved by the story of how one retreatant remembered how this saint protected him during battles in the Korean conflict.

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