Friday, April 24, 2009

Don't go on a diet at an ACTs retreat

If you are trying to lose a few pounds, going to an ACTS retreat is not a good idea.  The meals at the Cordi-Marian retreat house are filling and excellent.  However, team members also brought snacks, candy and soda.

Our team director, Cruz, is trying to cut down on the candy for this retreat, but even that was a losing effort as some team members brought the usual bite size version of Snickers and other chocolate products.

Having discussed the menu with my wife, I can only imagine the reaction of the women if someone tried to cut back on their number one comfort food -- chocolate.    I think that would cause a revolt among the many, female ACTs alumni type that I have met through the years.

Having gone through a few retreat, I know that if I want to minimize my weight gain I have to cut down on the snacks and the great deserts.   Failing that, I can always let my belt out again.

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