Friday, April 24, 2009

The virtual ACTS retreat: "Grace with gusto"

"Grace with gusto."
That's how Jose Gallardo, a fellow ACTS team member on the St. Rose of Lima retreat, described my evaluation of our retreatants first attempt to sing for their breakfast.
With mens' retreats, it's typical that they sing a song called "We Give Praise and Thanks to the Father" before they get to eat.
As a co-director for the retreat, it's my job to evaluate the level of enthusiasm.
One of the other team members questioned my leniency on the first time, making them only sing it twice before a great breakfast at the Cordi-Marian retreat house in San Antonio.
My response to that criticism is that you have to build the enthusiasm slowly.  By tomorrow, if the 14 retreatants are not blowing the roof off their retreat house, then I may make them sing a few times.

(Note:  While I normally blog about other technical topics, I am taking a couple of days off to blog about the St. Rose of Lima retreat.  If you are an ACTS member,  prayers are always welcome.  If you want to go on the next retreat, please visit the ACTS web site.

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