Friday, April 24, 2009

The virtual ACTS retreat: "Finding the saints that will inspire you"

One of the neat things about the first day of a mens' ACTS retreat is that the retreatants are divided into tables. Once they completes breakfast, each team has to pick a patron saint as their role model.

While most people quickly pick up someone like St. Michael or St. Francis, every once in awhile, an obscure saint appears.

My friend, Mike Young, a fellow ACTS team member, said he remembered that his group couldn't pick a saint. At the last moment, they selected St. Dora. That group picked the saints because their daughters were big "Dora the Explorer" fans. Alas, there is no St. Dora.

Somewhere, in the vaults of the Vatican files is someone with saintly qualities like Dora. The jury is still out on when she will get a feast day.

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