Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chan's campaign manager provides update on ethics issue

So I was back in my regional office at Indigo Joe's when I had a conversation today with Thomas Marks, Elisa Chan's campaign manager.

He noted my question from my recent blog about her willingness to contribute $50,000 for her campaign from her own personal funds. As well, I questioned if she was going to abstain from future votes on contracts that would impact her business. Marks, who wrote the ethics code for San Antonio's city council and city staff, said Chang's company will have to forgo future contract bids for city work.

Furthermore, the ban would apply to her firm's potential work two years after her last days at a city council member.

I am glad that Marks and his former boss, Kevin Wolff, wrote this ethics policy. It's important that city council members don't have an unfair advantage in their business dealings. Yet, I am enough of a realist to note that her experience as an elected office will translate very well for her after she leaves her post. And, this ethical consideration doesn't include state, federal or county bids.

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