Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Want wireless at your conference.... That will be $250.....

If you're planning on holding a conference at one of those major hotel chains (Think Marriot or Hilton), it's probably a good idea to negotiate the wireless fee as an added benefit.  I don't have the catering costs for one client who is hosting a conference, but I can expect it's a pretty significant fee with breakfast, lunch and cocktails.  So, when one of the executives from my client asked for wireless access, the caterers said they could provide it for $250.

Count me when I am planning a conference to insist that after spending some major dinero at a major hotel that I would get the wireless fee factored into the cost at nothing.   I emailed one colleague who is an event planner who said it was typical for the major chains to add this cost.  And, that's probably one reason why she is choosing another conference center downtown.   It has the same amenities without those extra costs.

As business people, we have to tighten our belts.   One way that I cut down on my costs is of course to use a wireless card whenever I leave my home office.  But, for those people who want to use the unsecured lines of a hotel wireless platform, it's good to plan for this.  

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