Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spotted at one of my local Starbucks -- Congressman Ciro Rodriguez

So I am sitting in one of my Starbucks regional offices when in walks Congressman Ciro Rodriguez.   While I live in Stone Oak, a very Republican area, I voted for him in his last campaign against his rival.   And, I will vote for him again as he does a great job of responding to his constituents.   While I may not always agree on all aspects of his campaign platform, the biggest deciding factor for me is his response to the constituents.  The buzz from the Starbucks was very positive as Congressman Rodriguez has given 100 coffee meetings at local Starbucks.   And, I agree with them.  It's rare when your local congressional representative takes the time to talk to you and leaves you with the impression that he is truly listening.   That's why he'll get my vote this week when I do the early balloting thing this week.

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