Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wanted -- a good place for a San Marcos mixer that won't have the Miller beer man pull his product.....

I was in Austin yesterday, working with my client, HBMG Inc, and also meeting with Matt Genovese at Door64. Matt, my client, invited me to a mixer at the Electronics Design & Manufacturing Symposium & Vendor Show held at the Norris Convention Center. Over water and a beer, Matt mentioned the $350 cost for a keg of beer which got me thinking of what the Miller beer man (see above) would do if he saw that it cost a company that much for a keg of beer, most of which went unconsumed. Based on the price, I could just see him rolling the keg out of the Norris Center with his shrill: "$350 for a keg of beer?!? Are you nuts!"

However, the cost of the catering got Matt and I thinking about the need to find a reasonably priced place to hold a San Antonio-Austin mixer. Several of us are meeting in San Marcos to discuss such an event, and it's obvious that we need a place that won't kill us on the cost of beverages and some hors d' ouerves. If you know of such a spot, please share you comments and thoughts.

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