Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In memory of MSgt (Retired) Wayne Bryant

While out at Lackland AFB, Texas, today to get some information about the Nov. 1-2 airshow, I learned that my colleague, MSgt. (Ret.) Wayne W. Bryant had died a year ago. After retiring from his job at Lackland public affairs, Wayne died in his sleep during a 30-day vacation of Germany.

For over three years, Wayne worked with me while I was assigned to Hessisch Oldendorf. His job as the U.S. Air Forces in Europe newspaper manager was to teach me how to become a better copy editor. With his help, I know all of the variances of the AP stylebook, and I can easily spot the most common of errors -- the capitalization of a common noun.

I am saddened that I didn't get to make it to Wayne's funeral, but I wanted to share a couple of memories about him:

1) Getting him out of his German hotel at 5 a.m. in the morning so that we could drive three hours to watch a major organization from my unit deploy their radar equipment. As the hotel didn't have a 24-hour front door service, we had to open his window to get him safely outside.

2) Wayne's creative Halloween costume of industrial trash where he wore a garbage sack filled with all sorts of garbage on it during the U.S. Air Force in Europe editor's conference held in Berlin in 1985. His costume won a prize at the NCO Club's Halloween party.

3) His always famous: "Are you sure about that?" when making young military editors like me check our facts.

Wayne, I miss you, but I am thankful for all you did to help me. Rest in peace, brother.

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