Saturday, October 18, 2008

Critiquing my work at Austin Innotech

One of the things which I learned during 20 years of working as a public affairs professional was the art of self evaluation. This process started when I first started working as the sports editor and then assistant sports editor for the Topic Tropics. Fred Spriggs, the editor, and I would set down with our red pen and work through all our errors in the hopes that we would learn from our mistakes and get better.

In time, I learned a lot from this self evaluation, so I thought I would share with you my own personal critique of my recent work as the public relations manager for Innotech Austin.

First, I should have gotten the help of an intern for this event. With the University of Texas or Texas State, I could have gotten someone to help with the extra calls needed to make sure that the TV types were engaged. With the Austin introduction of Microsoft Surface, the extra calls could have generated in more coverage.

Second, even without the help of an intern, I should have created a second electronic media advisory. While the standard press release helped get the attention of the Austin American Statesman and the Austin Business Journal, I needed to tailor a release that showed the news editors and assignment editors for the local TV/radio what kind of visuals and interview opportunities.

Lastly, while I thought we engaged the Austin blogosphere pretty well, I should have tied my blogs and other blogs into the Innotech Austin blog. As well, I should have considered hiring a second intern to provide blogging support throughout the trade show. This second intern should have also provided an interface with the Web 2.0 broadcasts via the Austin Innotech blog.

I realize that a lot of social media types always share their insight into their successes. However, I thought that by sharing my own self inspection process that my current and perhaps future customers will know that I am aways looking at ways to improve the way I do things. In the end, this internal process will make it better for them.

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