Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can online marketing capture the enthusiasm of a 75-year-old professional sales person?

So, I am shopping in my local HEB this Sunday with my wife, when I run into Bill, the 75-something demonstrator for the food chain's generic paper towels. Compared to the other products that are demonstrated on a Sunday afternoon, paper towels are not as popular as gourmet M and Ms or the newest flavor of cheese or Merlot wine.

Despite the perceived product handicap, Bill's enthusiasm for his demo made me buy them as he noted that I can always use them for my car.

On the way home from the grocery, I got to think about Bill and his sales process. His enthusiasm was such I wanted his product.

As the sales and marketing process has moved towards an online marketplace, I am wondering how consumer products can capture the enthusiasm of people like Bill with a blog or a web site. To me, it will be hard to capture the enthusiasm of some like Bill, especially for new products in our grocery market.

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