Monday, October 20, 2008

A plug for my son, Pete and my friend, Peter Shankman

I normally don't use my blog to promote things (except my company), but when my friend, Peter Shankman, mentioned that he was going to donate $$$$ for Autism Speaks, I had to take the time to use it to get reporters, bloggers and other news types to contact Peter about his Help A Reporter Out program.   First, if you are a reporter and want to reach out to thousands of subject matter experts, Peter's program is the best to find them.  And, guys like me, who contribute to queries, have to stay on topic.  If you don't or you really get off base, Peter will yank you from his service.

So, if you are someone who wants to broaden his base of experts, please give Peter a shout out, because my son, Pete, is a high functioning Asberger Syndrome.   My son, Pete, is now in college at Lamar, doing pretty well concerning his autistic condition.  Thanks to organizations like Autism Speaks, guys like my son Pete can function in mainstream America.  

I'm proud of my son, Pete, especially after he got a 91 on his last geology test.   Someday, I know he'll graduate with a degree, but I am proud of him for his journey.  If you are one of my many media buddies or know someone who can benefit from HARO, please forward it to them, especially if they have never used Peter's services.

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