Friday, November 14, 2008

Teaching my wife how to soar in her first blogging efforts

I can't win......   I sitting in one of my regional offices at Indigo Joes, working on some things and trying to teach my wife, Jackie, the Madison physics teachers, how to capitalize on her EarthWatch Institute fellowship in Maryland.   Her Earthwatch  blog is just starting up, so I am trying to teach her to use Twitter as a way to promote her work.  

My wife is first of all a science teacher so she loves facts and other details things.  Then, throw in the genetic combination of her Bohemian father and her Irish mum, and you get someone who is a little stubborn at times.  So showing her about Twitter was taking a person who just soloed in a Cessna and asking her to fly a F-15. 
Recognizing that she's not ready, I had to regroup a little, as my wife is still working through her concerns with Twitter.  Still, I believe that social media is a great way for teachers to communicate with students.  It's just that she has some legitimate reservations.  With time and love, she can overcome these fears.
My ultimate goal is to get readers for her blog.  And, I know this takes time.  So, I am going to let her fly about in her puddle jumper of a blog.  In time, she'll want to reach into a higher stratosphere.

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