Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here's hoping my friend Kevin Koym rounds up a round of enterpreneurial bovines in Austonio

With the announcement that my friend Kevin Koym is officially launching Tech Ranch, it's great to see some new form of business development within the Austonio region (for those who don't recognize this term, it's the area between Round Rock to Pleasonton, Texas). As an entrepreneur, Kevin has helped similar projects within Chile and Mexico.

Here's hoping that Kevin and his associates round up a herd of projects that will help the region grow and prosper. In these tough times, it's up to those innovators to help grow new "bidness" with the region.

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Kevin Koym said...

Thank you for your support in giving me, the Tech Ranch, and my book the momentum that it needs to create a stronger startup ecosystem both here in Austin and in my hometown of San Antonio! I am looking forward to working together in building Central Texas farther... thank you for being such a strong supporter of this work. Your work makes a major impact in many of the lives (and jobs!) of others, especially through how you have continually supported the entrepreneurs. Thank you.