Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do Republicans have a better sense of humor?

Does Sarah Palin have a sense of humor? After seeing her appearance on Saturday Night Live and with this crank call with the Masked Avengers, you have to realize that she is the first politician since Dick Nixon said "Sock It To Me" on the Rowan and Martin Laugh In to use the humor portal to make people think she's just an average person. By the way, Hubert Humphrey said one of the major reasons that he thought he lost the 1968 campaign was the fact that he didn't appear on Laugh In.

I find the appearance of Palin on SNL and this appearance on the Masked Avengers as planned appearances to make her seem like a normal guy.  Like Nixon's appearance during the 1968 campaign, Palin's interview with the Avengers was a planned event that will make the Republican vice president seem like a regular person. 

If Obama loses Tuesday, will his handlers admit they should have taken more opportunities to show the humorous side of their candidate.   Doubtful.  But, Palin's appearances make for an interesting way for  a political candidate to get her message to the voters.

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bogie said...

I get the feeling that Obama only has a sense of humor around subjects where he is permitted to have a sense of humor. If it's a subject that does not permit him to have a sense of humor, that subject is against the working man, and should be taken out back, and reeducated.