Thursday, November 27, 2008

A dream that the other Matt Scherer will help the Cardinals defeat the Cubs

Thanks to that handy little Google news search tool, I know that Matt Scherer, the right handed reliever, was named to the 40 man roster of the St. Louis Cardinals. And, if you know anything about me, you know that I bleed Cardinal red during every baseball season.

I have this vision that the other Matt Scherer will make it to the big club next year, and my baby brother, the one with the connections to get tickets for the Cardinals in St. Louis are sitting in seats as the Cubs are in town. My little brother, God bless him, has become a Cub fan. When he was little, he was somewhat neutral, but I believe his wife, a lifelong Cub fan, convinced him to follow the team during his courtship.

As comedian Jeff Allen once noted: "Happy Wife, Happy Life."

But I am off track here. Let me get back to my vision and dream for 2009. It's the bottom of the ninth. The Cardinals are holding a one run lead with two outs and Derek Lee at bat. My namesake strikes out Lee, and my brother is so upset, he leaves me at the park.

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