Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dinfos Trained Killers now up to 300

Somehow, I missed the fact that the DINFOS Trained Killers has now reached 300 members this week in our LinkedIn tribe. In the six months I started this group, I have found two to three old colleagues and connected with a lot of people I never would have met. I have to thank Kevin Koym, the founder of the Enterprise Tribe, for showing me six months ago the value of using online colloboration tools.

For me, the number 300 is signfiicant as it represents the number of Spartans who battled the Persians. If you have ever worked in military public affairs, you can appreciate the fact that it seems like we're a small bunch of warriors fighting a lot of issues. Start with all the experts who think your job is easy, and then add the fact that you often have to do the job without the technology and personality resources. That's why reaching 300 members is significant.

But, I won't rest on our laurels. We still have to engage other former and current PAOs to share techniques and tactics to do our job. And of course, we still have to enroll some of the more famed DTK alums like Al Gore and Dan Quayle into the group.

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