Saturday, July 25, 2009

To Gidget, sorry that you're heading to the big fire hydrant in the sky

As I blog this, the number one topic on Twitter is the death of Gidget, the "spokes-canine" for Taco Bell. And, while her death is a sad event, the gazillion of Tweets about it is causing me some credibility issues with some of my clients and friends.

It seems that there are still some folks who are resisting the use of Twitter as an effective way to communicate to customers. Take my wife. She's the kind of person who would note the constant Tweets about the Taco Bell icon and wonder why people spend so much time sending these 140-character messages.

I know that those truly analytical types won't get Twitter because they see Gidget and Michael Jackson's death getting a lot of attention. Yet, I believe it's still an effective way to communicate with friends.

So, Gidget we're sorry that you're going to the big fire hydrant in the sky. The thousands of Twitter posts show that you truly touched a lot of people's lives.

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