Thursday, July 16, 2009

Does Stephenville, Texas, have better dreams than San Antonio?

Unless you were an advance public relations guy for the Air Force Band of the West, it's a good bet that most San Antonio residents have never been to Stephenville, Texas. But for those of us who follow viral changes that may change soon as the new Twitter and blog site, @Dream_bigger is coming to this Lone Star Community for a 30-day visit.

Journalist (or as some younger folks term journo) G.D. Dan Gearino is already in Stephenville for a 30-day visit. Gearino's blog focuses on the positive vibe that we can find in America.

According to the blog: "This summer, the "Sleep Better. Dream Bigger" project will travel to a small American town where we'll learn about folks' dreams and aspirations."

While the details are not forthcoming, Gearino's blog did not enclose how Stephenville was selected from other small towns. Having grown up in the world's biggest small town, Decatur, Illinois, I can understand the need for communities to publicize their accomplishments. I am impressed that Stephensville and their city leadership stepped up to help Gearino start his 30-day quest.

Somehow, in a city of more than one million residents, we lose sight of our accomplishments. Visit Decatur, and you will soon learn of its reputation as the "Soybean Capitol of the World." When I came home for my parents' 55th anniversary, you could feel the pride of the city in its many accomplishments.

Gearino's blog, after close examination, has the makings of a classic promotion as Carpenter Co, the largest manufacturer of comfort cushioning, is sponsoring his work. As someone who has worked in public relations and new media, I am impressed by this company's vision to sponsor such a social media event.

Yet, the question remains..... What would San Antonio do if its dreams were granted with a visit by this blogger. Surely, we can encourage Gearino to visit us after his 30-day stint in north central Texas for a visit of our River Walk and to meet with dreamers and visionaries. Surely, the folks at Carpenter realize we have a lot of hotel beds where dreams of Shamu and Six Flags are made every night.

Perhaps, if we could reach out Gearino at his Twitter account (@dream_bigger). All every San Antonio resident has to do is go onto their Twitter account and send a message such as "@dream_bigger, please come to San Antonio after your 30 day tour in Stephenville." Perhaps, that will cause him to consider a trip south to our community.

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