Saturday, July 25, 2009

Advice to a Cub fan who is marrying an Astro fan: "Let your children choose their favored team"

I am feeling my age today, as Katie, one of my former CYO basketball and softball stars gets married this weekend. It seems only yesterday that she was 11 years of age and elbowing her way to rebounds.

Now, she's getting married this Saturday. Like many other young couples, Katie is entering into her marriage with Paul, her beloved in what I would call a mixed sports marriage.

Sadly, Kate is like her father. She roots for the Cubs, while Paul is a lifetime Astro fan.

During a bridal shower, I asked Katie how she and Paul would resolve the baseball loyalty issue. Katie said that if they were girls they would root for the Cubs, and her future sons would root for the Astros.

I have a better idea to resolve this sports dilemma. Why not let their children decide themselves? I am sure that in time they will pick their own favorite team, perhaps something like the St. Louis Cardinals. After all, who wouldn't want to root for a team that has won more World Series championships than any other team in the National League?

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