Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fanmail from some flounder..... why reblogging one of my blog reader's comment is worth my time and effort

As a guest blogger for the San Antonio Express-News, I get a lot of comments from people.

This morning, as I logged onto my computer, I saw this email reply to my last blog from someone named "Bleh."

His comment is worth repeating in my personal blog. To paraphrase Casey Kasem, "and he wrote:

"If this was the way to go, the city would have someone updating a
myspace page, a facebook page, a twitter account, their web page.
These tools are for marketers, kids, and the lonely. They are not for
serious government. Maybe you can pay for the salary for this person
to update all these accounts."

So, let me reply to Bleh.

1) How is it that serious politicians like Barack Obama have a web site and a Twitter account? n fact, I believe that when historians look at this election, they'll note his use of social media tools as a major factor in his defeat of John McCain, the guy who has someone read his email for him?
2) Kids, the human type, are the future of government. If our local government doesn't engage them now, how will we get them interested in government?
3) Our city spends millions on communications and public relations. It doesn't do a very good job of it but I'm sure anyone with a little management skill could find a person who is on the city payroll who could take it over.

Finally, Bleh, I'm not sure if you watched TV, but you might have noticed the 100 million of Twitter posts concerning the rigged Iran elections. According to urban legend, our federal government asked the web communications site to forgo maintenance so that it would allow people to comment on this sham of an election.

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