Tuesday, July 28, 2009

iPhone dev camps are needed in south Texas

One of the hottest trends in technology involves iPhone technology development.

Last year, Barack Obama used an iPhone app where his voters could email, text and reach out to undecided voters with their phone. And, that's just one of many uses of the Apple product. During a recent trip to Austin, a client of mine used another iPhone app to find a list of restaurants located on South Congress street for a lunch meeting.

Developers are embracing the open source capabilities of I-phones. Add the full gaming capability of iPhones, and it's easy to see why developers want to focus on deploying something better than Pong.

This weekend, my friends at the Austin TechRanch are sponsoring a sold out IphoneDevCamp this weekend. I am hoping that they will consider a second one at a bigger venue in San Antonio in the early fall as more and more iPhone developers are calling the southern part of Austantonio as their home base.

For most of us, iPhone development is under the radar, but I am seeing a growth of wireless phone apps coming out of our city. By putting our best iPhone development types with the ones in Austin, we can help quickly close the 65-mile gap between our cities.

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