Friday, May 8, 2009

Will the folks who sold me the defective shoes read this blog and get me a new pair of shoes?

I can hear my wife snickering as I write this.
Last week, I went shoe shopping at DSW Shoes with her and I had found a beautiful pair of black Giorgio Brutini loafers for $25.
I had thought that the Italian loafers were a "steal," until yesterday.
At the Central Texas Funding Forum, I looked down at my new purchases and my left shoe had split its laced stitching on the top. For four hours, I went around the conference showing everyone my light blue socks.
I haven't told my wife about the shoes as I am in Austin on business as I blog this, but she would say I got "what I paid for."
And, I am guessing that some of you who are reading this are wondering "Why should I blog about this when I can go back and exchange the shoes or get my money back."
It's the principle of it.
Furthermore, by blogging about it and also using "Twitter" to share my thoughts on these shoes, I am hoping that someone from DSW or Giorgio Brutini will read this by searching through the twitterverse and blogosphere for posts about their company and their products.
I am guessing that they're not monitoring these communication channels like my friend, Rob La Geese, a senior manager at Mosso. If someone is writing a negative post or tweet, Rob and his team quickly respond.
So, this is a test for the folks at DSW and Giorgio Brutini to see if they have customer service professionals like Rob monitoring social media channels to see what is being written about them.
If you have a business or a product, it's a good idea to monitor the social media channels to see what's being written about you. Even better, a designated communicator should respond quickly and professionally to all negative as well as positive posts.
Companies of all sizes should get in the habit of searching for these negative and positive posts on social media channels so that they can respond to blog posts like this to resolve them.

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