Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The hottest media platform? Why it's the cell phone in your hands

Small businesses are starting to embrace social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn as a way to capture customers. However, most are overlooking the use of short messaging service as a way to lure in customers.

Brad Beasley, the chief executive officer of CrossLink Media, will speak Thursday at 7:30 Leticia's Mexican Restaurant as the featured speaker for

Working with clients like AAFES, Santikos, United Apartment Group and others like them, CrossLink Media has helped their clients reach out to customers on the third most used form of communication.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal in November, Forrester Research noted that most Americans use their cell phones as a source of information 8.9 hours per week. At a recent Austin Interactive event, another industry expert noted that there are 250,000,000 cell phone users. Cell phones also reach lower income demographics as well.

Small businesses who want to learn more about the short-term and also long-term advantages of short messaging system should plan on hearing Beasley's presentation this Thursday. For more information on the breakfast meeting, you can callKent Kirkman at 210-325-1333.

(Note: Brad Beasley and CrossLink Media are my clients. However, regardless of which short messaging service you decide to use someday, it's important for every "bidness" to start thinking about the use of cell texting systems as part of their marketing mix.)

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