Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jennifer Navarrete: San Antonio's tech den mother

If you asked me six months ago or even a year ago what a podcamp was, I would have given you a blank stare, similar to the one I give my wife when she yells at me after I leave the bathroom seat up. Yet, after watching the work of Jennifer Navarrette (@epodcaster), I am comfortable with the process.
Jennifer is one of those unsung heroes in San Antonio's growing tech community. She's the den mother and a leader of a lot of informal groups who bring visionaries together. Yet, here's what I love about her. She's patient enough to work with people who don't understand how to use Twitter or LinkedIn as part of their marketing efforts.
This Saturday, Jennifer is organizing the second PodCamp at the El Tropicano Hotel on the new northern part of the San Antonio Riverwalk. If you are new to technology or you are really experienced in social media channels, you should register today at this link: http://budurl.com/wcrv.
Jennifer is modest enough to tell you that there are others who are helping her. Yet, in my view, she is San Antonio's top technology den mother. Like the lady who keeps track of a lot of eight-year-old boys, she has the capability to put it all together without a lot of fuss.
And, when she reads this, she'll respond with a quiet response of "Aw Shucks" or something of that ilk. Yet, I have to be the first to publicly thank her for the great work she has done to build a technology community.
So, if you care about technology and community, you need to plan part of your Saturday to spend it with people like Jennifer and others like her.

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Matt Genovese said...

I'm looking forward to meeting Jennifer in person at some point!