Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wireless mobility marketing ramping up, but process owners must respect the opt in process

Despite what direct mail experts say, I am not one of those guys who responds to advertisement sent to me through the U.S. mail. And, I am getting tired of all that spam in my email box that I set up a separate account for all those offers from Ebay, Amazon and Travelocity. So, when I started working with Brad Beasley at Crosslink Media, I thought that I have found the newest marketing channel -- the cell phone. Research has shown that the typical person spends about nine hours a week with his cell phone, and as new aps for I-phone and Blackberry develop, I believe that the number will increase.

Brad's interview on Fox News the week before Christmas shows the potential of this medium. The trick though is that the distributors of the messages respect the opt in phase of getting a number. In time, one hacker will tap into the potential of this and a person's cell phone will fill up with enough flotsam that many will find another phone.

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