Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An alternative to weather reporting?!?

When the weather dips down into the low 30s, it's amazing to watch the local news types report this unusual weather in the southern part of Texas. The local news types follow this basic formula:
  1. They get reporters bundled up in parkas at key intersections.
  2. The news anchors tell everyone to slow down.

I noted one weather reporter noting the ongoing Texas Department of Transportation bridge reports, and I wonder if the local state transportation types have thought of using Twitter or other social media tools to update folks on possible bridge closures. Perhaps, one of the local news stations could figure out a way to use their reporting capabilities to update these closure through Twitter.


Matt Genovese said...

Using Twitter could make for warmer news anchors, but resulting in less on-camera screw ups for those Blooper compilation TV shows.

JF said...

I don't know...I'm sort of partial to watch the "Texas torpedos" slingshot around icy corners and especially as they rampage off the ramps from the Interstates. Then again, we're pretty capable of driving in snowy/icy weather.