Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why I still need my LinkedIn profile

David Meerman Scott, one of the best social media strategists in the free world, wrote an interesting blog about why he doesn't have a LinkedIn profile. In his recent blog post, Scott wrote this about LinkedIn:

I hope I'm not offending anyone when I say that I’ve found that the majority of people who email me to ask me to be a part of their LinkedIn network fall into one or more of these three categories: 1) I do not know them 2) They are salespeople or 3) They are looking for a new job.

Of the nearly 450 people who are in my group, I have to admit that half of them I never met in person. By establishing a Linkedin group for former military public affairs types called the DINFOS Trained Killers, I have created a network of over 300 fellow PR professionals. Yet, I respect our connection within the group enough to not sell them anything. Through LinkedIn, I found two former PA colleagues who have helped me with some information I would have never ever gained.

So, yes, David, I agree with you that when you are as famous and successful as yourself, you don't need a Linkedin profile. I follow you on Twitter and I read your blog whenever there's time in my schedule. However, I will continue with a LinkedIn profile that is selective in its connections.


JF said...

Its funny how different people see LinkedIn. Fact is that for some people, its useless. For others, it allows a means to position yourself to a larger universe...some good and some bad. Alot of people on LI are selling something that no one wants. Being part of a SIG on LI helps narrow it down.

But as a bad example, I subscribed to ClubE and have been spammed mercilously. I even received a Nigerian Scam email. So I've unsubscribed.

David said...

Hey Matt, Famous and successful? You flatter me. My teenage daughter just thinks I'm a big dork.

What's so cool about social media is that you can pick and choose what's right for you. I'm comfortable with what I do. It works for me. And now I have a post I can link to when I politely reply to someone to say that I don't do LinkedIn.

Take care, David